Lift O Mat Gas Springs

Effortless opening of doors and lids! Gas springs are the ideal choice for cabinet doors and lid supports that open upward. You’ll get soft and quiet closing, plus smooth motion and stopping. Each set includes two gas springs and four mounting brackets. (Screws not included). Available in Black (Silver shown not available).

  • Minimum door height 10-1/2”
  • Maximum door height 24″.
  • Set includes two gas springs and four mounting brackets. (Screws not included).
  • Easy installation.


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Here are some customer reviews for the Lift O Mat gas springs:

1) Submitted by Pavel Sazama, from Birmingham, AL on 3/22/2010

Customer Rating: Customer Review Rating: 5.0
Finally hardware that operates well in applications where doors need to open up- and stay open.
Function: helps lift up door after the initial motion- combine with soft-close for smooth operation when closing.
Installation: use own screws ( which you do anyway ), by location on door and cabinet, select range of motion and power to help the door open and close. Spring can be removed from mounting bracket by ( carefully ) pulling up tension spring with screwdriver.
Great product, thank you Rockler!

2) Submitted by Jim Fuller, from Denver, CO on 11/5/2009

Customer Rating: Customer Review Rating: 5.0
I needed to re-engineer two kitchen cabinets from normal operation to a vertical lift open (to accomodate a new refrigerator). I was worried because each door was almost 20 lbs. But the lifts hold the doors very nicely. (I could only install one lift on each door). Assuming these lifts wear well, they are a great product.

3) Submitted by Greg Howard, from Scottville, MI on 3/5/2009

Customer Rating: Customer Review Rating: 5.0
After trying several spring loaded & friction type lid supports, I finally found something that works. They are supporting a vertically opening cabinet door that is part of a range hood/cabinet combo. I installed per the included instructions, but realized I didn’t need the full 90 degree open angle. It was easily corrected by lowering the bottom attaching position.
Best of all, my wife is extremely happy with the way these function as we’ve been “fighting” with this cabinet door for five years.


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